How A Better Mattress Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

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Sleep is the foundation of all great days. Did you jump out of bed this morning, crush your goals at work and live your best life at home? If you did, you can thank your good night’s sleep. As we say at Big Fig, those who Sleep Big, Live Big!

Think about it: Ideally, you’re spending around one-third of your life asleep, which means that you’re getting up close and personal with your mattress for 33.3 percent of your life. And that time you spend in hibernation has a huge impact on your waking hours.

Poor sleep quality can have major consequences that affect both mental and physical health. But we really don’t prioritize our sleep, putting it behind other wellness activities, work and even hobbies on our personal lists of what’s important. Most people rarely give their mattress a second thought when it’s not bothering them in some way, which paints a pretty good picture about why upgrading your sleep environment tends to fall off the to-do list.

But prioritizing good sleep and a better quality of life starts with the right equipment—namely your mattress. Over 90% of Americans and British feel that a quality best mattress is “essential to health and well-being” and we agree! Upgrading an old, worn-out mattress and sleeping well can have a bigger impact on your quality of life than you might think. In this article also discuss top 10 mattress in UK.

Decreased physical pain

You wouldn’t ride a motorcycle every day without a helmet or guard a hockey goal without the right padding, would you? Your mattress is similar to this protective equipment, keeping your body safe night after night.

Think about it—during the day if your spine is curved uncomfortably or you notice your posture is slipping, you can consciously make adjustments. But at night, you depend on your mattress to make those adjustments for you. If you lie with a curved spine for a third of your life, you’ll likely feel the effects. 

It’s a vicious cycle, too. People who experience pain upon waking feel less in control when it comes to sleep, which can lead to sleep problems and sensitivities. And people with pain and sleep problems are more likely than others to report a negative impact on their waking hours and less enjoyment of life.

There have been studies on mattress upgrades lessening back pain. (This one found that people who got a better mattress reduced back pain by about 48%!) The right mattress can ease soreness or pain, not make it worse.

And remember, it’s never too early to think about these kinds of things! The majority of consumers over 55 agree that if they had slept on a better mattress in their 20s and 30s, they could have avoided many of the back problems they experienced in their older age. The earlier you prioritize good sleep, the better.

More energy for daily tasks

With a better mattress, you’ll experience more restful nights that can increase your energy levels during the day. During the sleep cycle, your body is working to restore functions like your hormone, immune system, appetite and more, all of which have an effect on your energy the following day.

Allowing your body to rest completely and get things back up and running while you sleep can have a huge impact on motivation. With the right mattress, you can wake up with high levels of renewed energy, making it easier to accomplish daily tasks at work and home.

Poor sleep can make you feel sluggish, but a restful night’s sleep can keep you alert and energetic throughout the day. When you Sleep Big, you Live Big!

Heightened brain function

On a similar note, better sleep can also improve your cognitive performance. Half of Americans report feeling sleepy 3-7 days in a typical week. Most of them try to shake it off or grab some fresh air, but it’s not easy to shake that feeling of being permanently tired!

The effects of feeling sleepy during regular waking hours do not go unnoticed. Forty percent of people say that this tired feeling interferes with regular activities. Almost half cannot focus their thoughts or get things done, and a third say that being overwhelmingly sleepy impacts their performance at work. Yikes!

You may not skip happily out the door in the morning or suddenly become really good at Calculus, but a better mattress can take back some of your brain power and keep your focus in tip-top shape.

Improved mental health

There is an undeniable link between sleep and mental health. People with higher sleep satisfaction are less likely to develop problems with their mental health.

On the flip side, people who experience insomnia are twice as likely to develop depression. Think about it: Even slight sleep deprivation can impact your energy and mood. You may become more irritable and develop symptoms of clinical depression over time. Poor sleep paves the way and opens the door for negative feelings and experiences to enter and settle in your brain.

It’s not just depression, either. Anxiety is prevalent among those with insomnia as well. Inability to sleep causes feelings of anxiety and feelings of anxiety prevent people from sleeping. Poor sleep has also been linked to bipolar disorder, ADHD, PTSD and more.

A better mattress is your first line of defense in combating insomnia. Better sleep can assist in breaking the cycle and helping to ease symptoms of mental health disorders.

Stress relief

Poor sleep can make it harder to cope with sources of stress, even if they’re relatively small in the grand scheme of things. When you’re tired, you tend to be more irritable and unable to handle things. A tired person who faces a minor inconvenience is more likely to burst into tears than someone who slept well the night before, no?

Our bodies recover from stress and adversity through relaxation, which can be exponentially easier on a mattress suited for your body. Winding down on a comfy, supportive mattress can ease you into a good night’s sleep, allowing your body to restore its many functions and leave you feeling well-rested. Simply put, sleeping better allows you to live better.

High-quality sleep, high-quality life

During a long day at work, you should feel alert, awake and ready for anything the day throws at you. At the end of the day, you deserve to crawl into bed on a supportive, comfortable mattress built just for you and prepare for excellent sleep.

The time you spend sleeping on your mattress has an undeniable impact on the time you spend living, working, building relationships and doing what you love. Why not seize the life you deserve? Sleep Big, Live Big, right?

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