Arachnophobe eats upstairs after finding spider ‘as big as his palm’ in dining room

A man has been forced to eat upstairs after finding the “biggest spider in Britain” in his front room.

Scott Elwood can no longer enjoy his meals downstairs knowing the critter is crawling around him.

The 24-year-old found the creature in the skirting board next to their dining table after returning home from holiday.

He believes the arachnid is the size of his palm, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Scott’s mum Helen announced they’d found the unwanted house guest after he returned from holiday in Greece.

The 24-year-old, along with brother Mason Stott, 19, and their stepdad Dean Stackhouse, made it their mission to track down the “horrible” critter.

After searching high and low for 30 minutes, they found a webbed lair in the skirting board next to their dining table.

Antique restorer Dean then used a toothpick to see if the creature was “home”.

Scott, who hates creepy crawlies, said he was horrified when he spotted the biggest spider he’d ever seen emerge.

Footage captured by Mason shows Dean twirling a toothpick in a spider’s web before the spider’s long dangly legs come into view and the massive arachnid darts out.

Someone can then be heard saying, “oh my God that is evil” before proclaiming “wow, look how big that is, it’s * massive that… Jesus”.

Mason, who recorded the footage, said: “I was shocked to see the spider. I was pretty scared and didn’t want to go near it.”

The video, shared on TikTok, has raked in more than 657,000 likes and comments.

A “squeamish” Scott shared his brother’s shocking footage online where it’s amassed more than eight million views.

Although he’s now too afraid to eat his tea in their living room, given the spider is now “famous” he said that it “deserves to live on” and is hoping to eventually release it outdoors.

Scott, of Oldham, Greater Manchester, said: “It could potentially be the biggest spider in Britain. That was the biggest spider I’ve ever seen, anywhere, especially in my house. I’d say it’s the size of your palm when it’s stretched out.

“It was horrific seeing that in my house. I was terrified when I saw it and still terrified to this day. I absolutely hate them. Creepy crawlies and anything with that many legs are just horrible.”

Scott said he’s had a long-standing fear of spiders ever since finding a big one in his bed.

He said: “I’d just come back from holiday in Greece. My mum knows I hate spiders and the day I got back she said to me there’s a horrible spider living in the living room.

“And I made it my mission that night with my stepdad and brother to find the spider. We spent half an hour searching the living room and we finally found it in that little hole.

“We just wanted to see if it was actually in the hole, we didn’t know if that was it’s home or not.

“My stepdad baited it with a toothpick and it was absolutely horrific watching it come out the way it does. I was the most scared. I was standing behind Mason, we didn’t want to go anywhere near it.”

Scott said that the creepy crawly has set up camp right next to the table where the family have their tea.

He added: “I do hate spiders. It was my stepdad holding the toothpick, I couldn’t hold that, I would have run away as soon as it came out of the hole.

“I’ve not seen a video like that before where someone’s baited a spider out with a toothpick, you’ve got to have some big balls to do that.

“When my mum first told me about it and I knew there was a creepy crawly in the house, I got all squeamish and every time I walk through the room I can’t stop flicking my head around from left to right at every bloody wall.

“At night it’s even worse, you’re going in there with a flashlight on. I eat my tea upstairs. I won’t be eating my food in there again until it’s found and taken away from the living room, I’ll tell you that.”

A terrified Scott said that he hasn’t seen the spider since the video was recorded. Scott added: “If I’m honest, I don’t know what to do next. We’re waiting until the next time we see it and from there we’ll just decide and make a plan as a family as to how we’re going to deal with this thing.

“I definitely should have named it. What’s a good name for a spider? I think it’s Evel Knievel at this point, something evil.

“I think catching it and releasing it would be the best thing to do. If it’s grown that big it’s definitely been alive for a long time, I don’t want to be the one that ends it’s life. I think it deserves to live on.”